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Well it’s been nearly 2 years and a lot of work has been achieved sine I launched this Children’s Safety Education project.   Admittedly it has not gone as quickly as I had hoped for a variety of reasons (which I shall expand upon in due course) in addition to the fact that being a full time mum to a 4 and 5 year old does not permit me much peace and quiet!  That aside the Publishing World and research that goes into producing a book for children has been a mine field of information and an experience!

None the less I am got there, slowly but surely.  I subsequently would like to share with you, a sneak preview of an interactive E-Book and two pages from the book ‘Adventure in an Ambulance'; the first in a series of books for pre-school aged children.  This book tells the story of Izzy, Ollie and Ellie Bear (Izzy’s favourite magical bear) and how they deal with an emergency at Rosebud Cottage.  Scroll your mouse across various items within the kitchen to see what happens…….

I wish to to take this opportunity to thank Teri Smith – Illustrator, Mike and CJ at Media Lounge for all their fabulous work.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys!

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About us

Izzy and Ollie is a new Children's Safety Education project which was inspired when 2 and a half year old Isabelle called an ambulance for her Mum when she experienced a life threatening allergic reaction. The incident made Joanne consider how wonderful it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations. To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible (as her 1st book illustrates) could be highly beneficial not only to themselves, but it could also contribute to help save other people’s life. The books follow characters Izzy and Ollie who find themselves entangled in various situations. They encompass Child Safety issues together with simple courses of action that children could learn and replicate should they ever find themselves in the same situation.

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