Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie Review

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 00.41.14Designed2Eat is an online food shop specialising in Paleo, Vegan, Diabetic and Allergy friendly snacks.Their aim is to produce foods that our bodies are ‘Designed2Eat’ all in one place, saving you the time and hassle of looking for the products individually. They state that they produce snacks which are free from grains (i.e. wheat and gluten), sugar, soya, dairy, legumes, nuts and any form of processed chemicals. For more information about the company and it’s founder Charleh Dickinson please click the link on their logo above.IMG_6791

So what do we think of Designed2Eat Chocolate Brownie? Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. In the past I have tried certain ‘Free From’ products and a little disappointed. Izzy and Ollie are a little cheeky and say “Oh no, a free from taste food”….. This is certainly not the case for lots of products I have tried but from their point of view. It is important for me to find food products we can all enjoy so that I don’t have to buy things separately but this often proves a challenge. This Fudge Brownie is however very tasty. It is rich in flavour, moist (due to the dates and creamed coconut) without being too sticky and a very filling snack. Their cakes are made in a separate mini area of a commercial kitchen therefore they are very cautious about contamination of other ingredients. All ingredients are always brought fresh for every product batch so that they are not stored near allergens. For me, the brownie was delicious and generous in size. I certainly couldn’t eat one of these myself so perfect for sharing! Izzy and Ollie couldn’t wait to taste it so how did they get on……. Check out their video below.

Thank you to Designed2Eat for sending us their Fudge Brownie to try. Please note all opinions are my own and I would advise anyone wishing to try this product to read the ingredients label for allergens and other dietary information prior to tasting.

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