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Click Click Buckle Up Quick was released November 11th 2015.  Each book we produce raises money for a charity that we are supporting and we are delighted to announce that donations from sales of this book will be sent to:

FullSizeRender 22Last year Izzy and I were invited to attend an award ceremony and this will explain why we have chosen this amazing charity.  I received news that I had been nominated for Most Aspirational Woman at the Inspiration Awards for Women. This was an honour in itself.  So imagine my excitement when I later received a further email advising that I had been shortlisted for the award and could I attend! Excited, overwhelmed and extremely proud of our  achievements to date,  Izzy and I were off to London on a mummy daughter trip like no other!


What a night to remember! I had explained to Izzy that the awards ceremony was in aid of Breast Cancer Now (previously known as Breakthrough Breast Cancer)  an amazing charity helping lots of women diagnosed with breast cancer.   She knew a little about the charity having previously seen a diamanté friendship bracelet in M&S sold to raise money for this charity.  So a  pink dress, pink shoes and pink bracelet was worn in support of a fabulous charity.

Breast Cancer Now  aims to stop breast cancer  by improving early diagnosis, developing new treatments and preventing all types of breast cancer.  Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK.  One in eight women will face it. This month alone, 1,000 women will lose their lives to breast cancer – and more women are being diagnosed every day. These are very shocking statistics. I urge anyone reading this to be ‘breast aware’ and to watch this video to find out how to check for signs and symptoms: Breast Cancer Now.  Click on this leaflet and get breast aware.

Izzy and I were fortunate to meet many wonderful people at Cadogan Hall. Donna Fraser, Camilla Kerslake and Andrew Castle were by far Izzy’s favourite stars to meet. She did however ask me why Olly Murs was not there!  I think winning an award helped Izzy get over this ‘disappointment’! We listened to some incredible stories and the subsequent journeys inspirational women had been on which once again highlighted how precious the gift of life really is.

Izzy and I had a night to remember and the incredible women she met that night clearly left a lasting impression.  When we were discussing various charities we could help raise a little money for Izzy suggested Breast Cancer Now straight away.  Her words touched me, “Every child we are helping to teach has a mummy, and mummy’s can get that cancer…….”  So that said it all.  She is absolutely right. Every woman is someone’s Mum, Grandmother, Auntie, Sister, Niece, friend.  The chances of us knowing someone who has suffered with Breast Cancer is very high.  My Grandmother ‘Nana’ had Breast Cancer and sadly didn’t live to meet Izzy, who I know she would have been extremely proud of.  I too had a breast lump scare in my 20’s which after several tests had to be removed surgically.  I was told by a GP whilst at University that it couldn’t possibly be cancerous as I was too young and no family history at that time.  He dismissed my concerns and no further tests were undertaken.  This is actually incorrect and I am grateful I listened to my Mum (a nurse), saw another GP and was referred to a Consultant.   That was quite a few years ago and things have improved tremendously since then.   If we can help share awareness and that makes a difference to the life of just one lady, wouldn’t that be fantastic?   

There are other ways in which you can help also. Click on this picture link here:

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1 in 8 women in the UK will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetime.

If you wish to purchase our book, Click Click, Buckle Up Quick, a story book which follows the adventures of Izzy, Ollie and a magical bear Ellie please click here.  This story aims to teach children about the importance of seat belts and car seats – a struggle most parents experience with their children!  Donations from the sales of this book will be made to Breast Cancer Now.

Thank you Sky Andrew (founder of the Inspiration Awards) and all your fabulous team for an absolutely amazing night.   Honoured and very proud to have won an award for our work promoting  children’s safety education. For me the highlight of the awards is an 8 year old who now understands the importance of aspiring to be like all of the ladies there that night, amazing! Passion, determination and sacrifice to achieve their goals. These are the real role models all future generations of our girls should be inspired by. Thank you.




 Most Aspirational Woman 2014 inspirationaward

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Izzy and Ollie is a new Children's Safety Education project which was inspired when 2 and a half year old Isabelle called an ambulance for her Mum when she experienced a life threatening allergic reaction. The incident made Joanne consider how wonderful it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations. To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible (as her 1st book illustrates) could be highly beneficial not only to themselves, but it could also contribute to help save other people’s life. The books follow characters Izzy and Ollie who find themselves entangled in various situations. They encompass Child Safety issues together with simple courses of action that children could learn and replicate should they ever find themselves in the same situation.

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