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Welcome to Izzy and Ollie.  Perhaps you would like to know what this website is all about?  Well where shall I begin?  In July 2009, my daughter Isabelle , was aged 2 and a half.  Izzy as my husband and I affectionately call her, managed to call an ambulance for me following a severe allergic reaction, otherwise known as an anaphylactic shock.In the days that followed, Isabelle’s story reached the National Newspapers, National and local news.  I found myself taking part in interviews for various news programmes and radio programmes.  There was nothing but praise for our little hero whom quite naturally we were very proud of.  I noticed many comments on the online news articles.  You can see couple taken  from the Daily Mail Online to give you an example.I was taken aback by the wonderful comments made by the general public, most who thought I had taught my daughter this simply because I was a Police Officer.  As most parents do, we have always thought Isabelle was a bright child, but also firmly believe children can be taught anything if you persevere and repeat something often enough to them.  I do not consider my child to be a genius as one article kindly described her, just one who listens and absorbs information.


This made me consider how fabulous it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations.  To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible is highly beneficial to themselves; to help saves someone’s life is truly amazing.   Of course there are many more ways in which we can educate our children in an emergency or a predicament they may find themselves in. I researched the information available and discovered that when a child reaches school age i.e. 4-5 years old, they are educated at school. As such I decided that it would be highly beneficial to educate pre-school aged children and subsequently have written four children’s books. The stories are based on a brother and sister who find themselves in a particular situation and undertake the necessary response to seek assistance.

I have no doubt there are many people in the country who suffer from an illness or acute condition (diabetes and epilepsy are just a couple to mention), or become incapacitated after an accident within the home which could require emergency care, or even a mum to be who experiences difficulties in labour.  If, like I was, you were at home with only your young children, you may be relying on them for assistance one day.  It would be tragic if parents had not considered teaching their children a basic emergency response simply because they considered them too young to understand, or incapable of doing so.  My daughter is living proof!

So it is here I begin my journey.  I hope very much you will come on board and help me to get this vital message out to parents with young children.  Many thanks, and please feel free to comment on the website, and share any experiences you have had. The object of this project is to promote education in pre-school aged children. Clearly the more people who look at the website, the more chance we have together to achieve the objective!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  I hope you find it of interest to you.


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Izzy and Ollie is a new Children's Safety Education project which was inspired when 2 and a half year old Isabelle called an ambulance for her Mum when she experienced a life threatening allergic reaction. The incident made Joanne consider how wonderful it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations. To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible (as her 1st book illustrates) could be highly beneficial not only to themselves, but it could also contribute to help save other people’s life. The books follow characters Izzy and Ollie who find themselves entangled in various situations. They encompass Child Safety issues together with simple courses of action that children could learn and replicate should they ever find themselves in the same situation.

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