A Lesson in Sales!

My goodness what a busy week it’s been!  Being a Mum is the most amazing job in the world; an occupation that pays you in hugs, and it just can’t be beaten.  I miss both my children when they are at school so I really look forward to them coming home and long for each weekend to come quickly.  Last weekend Izzy and I went to our local Sainsburys in Alder Hills, Poole for our first retail book signing.  We had a lot of fun and I certainly learnt a lot about promotion that day, in particular my 5 year old daughter could sell more books and raise more money for charity than I did!  It’s still a very strange feeling seeing your project come to fruition, hearing announcements on the store tannoy about Izzy and Ollie and then actually seeing people purchase your book; I wonder if this will fade in time, or whether the proud feeling will remain.  One thing I am thankful for is the family and friends who took the time to come and support me.  This is a whole new environment for me.  As you may know I am a Police Officer, a job I have done for 12 years in December.  A job I have been trained for and have a lot of experience.  I have no experience in promotion, there is no training so I feel out of my depth until I listened to my friend engaging with Sainsburys customers simply telling Izzy’s story and pitching my book.  Simple.  From then on we sold a lot more and raised a lot more money.  Lesson 1 in sales!   From then on I relaxed and enjoyed the day.  Thanks to all those who came, this meant a lot, and thanks to everyone who expressed an interest or bought a book.  Izzy, with the help of Ollie and  her friend Lottie, managed to collect £80 for The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children – well done guys!

This week has also been an unusual week as I had to go to work every day. Since I have had Izzy and Ollie I work on a part time basis.   Hampshire Constabulary have been fantastic employers ensuring that I can achieve  a good  home/work balance.  This is vital for us as my husband Jason is often away meaning that I have sole responsibility for child care arrangements.  This is tricky at the best of times but particularly when a case I was dealing with was heard in Crown Court this week and as such I had to attend every day for the duration.  Juggling house work, children, emails, phone enquiries, Twitter and Facebook has been interesting this week, all I can say is thank goodness for the iPhone and the ability to access everything on the go!  I have no idea how Mum’s who work full time manage to do everything and have full admiration for them…… and my Mum AKA the ironing fairy – thank you!  The week did end with a wonderful Gala Dinner arranged by some fabulous parents of the school that our children attend.  This was in honour of the fabulous Headmistress we have; I hope she had a night to remember, as we certainly did. Well that’s it from Izzy and Ollie HQ this week.  Here’s to another week and I wonder what it has in store for us……

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About us

Izzy and Ollie is a new Children's Safety Education project which was inspired when 2 and a half year old Isabelle called an ambulance for her Mum when she experienced a life threatening allergic reaction. The incident made Joanne consider how wonderful it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations. To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible (as her 1st book illustrates) could be highly beneficial not only to themselves, but it could also contribute to help save other people’s life. The books follow characters Izzy and Ollie who find themselves entangled in various situations. They encompass Child Safety issues together with simple courses of action that children could learn and replicate should they ever find themselves in the same situation.

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