The Start of a Wonderful Friendship!


So this is it.  Three days to our first book launch and I’m too excited to sleep!  Isabelle, Oliver and I have been enjoying the Half-Term holiday whilst poor Jason has been working away and missing all the fun.  Mixed in with this fun has also been a lot of work ensuring everything is ready for November 5th, the release date.  So as you can imagine, working with a 5 and 4 year old in the house can prove tricky particularly when you have to participate in conference calls.  It seems bribery is the only way forward.  Armed with a movie, popcorn and a promise of 25 house points each should they remain very quiet during the phone call, the deal was on.  Rather surprisingly not a peep was heard from either of them which confirms that this is a tactic I shall resort to if needed in the future!

The silence then erupted into screams of excitement when a UPS van was seen to park outside our home.  I’m quite sure the gentleman delivering the boxes thought we were all mad, little did he know that he had just delivered 200 of our books from our Publishers.  Belinda at Small World had arranged for the books to be sent directly to us in preparation for our first event and Charity Book Launch Party. As you can see both children were ecstatic and determined to carry the boxes into the house!

Seeing your book in print is an amazing feeling.  Two years of work have gone into this project, and yet really this is only the start!  From journalists, to photo sessions, meetings with retail outlets to party planning, it has been a fun packed week with even more to look forward to next week.  Sadly on the launch date my husband will still be working away and my children will be at school, so seems I will be celebrating alone!  However we shall make up for this as Wednesday is the day that Isabelle and I attend a Bright Horizons nursery, the  Talbot Woods Day Nursery, Bournemouth, in order to present our book to Teri Steed the Nursery Manager.  This is the nursery that Oliver used to go to and as a result the start of a wonderful friendship between two heroes……. More details to follow next week!  Till then I wish you all a wonderful weekend xx



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About us

Izzy and Ollie is a new Children's Safety Education project which was inspired when 2 and a half year old Isabelle called an ambulance for her Mum when she experienced a life threatening allergic reaction. The incident made Joanne consider how wonderful it would be if all young children could be educated about emergency situations. To simply learn their full name, age and address as early as possible (as her 1st book illustrates) could be highly beneficial not only to themselves, but it could also contribute to help save other people’s life. The books follow characters Izzy and Ollie who find themselves entangled in various situations. They encompass Child Safety issues together with simple courses of action that children could learn and replicate should they ever find themselves in the same situation.

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